Add a touch of colour to your dining table whilst protecting it’s surface at mealtimes. Our William Morris Green Willow Bough tablecloths come in 4 sizes as detailed below, are 100% cotton and machine washable. These also form a part of our extensive range of kitchen and dinning coordinates.  


Tablecloth Size Fits Table Seats
52″ x 52″ 132cm x 132cm 28″ x 28″ to 40″ x 40″
71cm x 71cm to 102cm x 102cm
2-4 Persons
52″ x 70″ 132cm x 178cm 28″ to 46″ to 40″ x 58″
71cm x 117cm to 102cm x 147cm
4-6 Persons
52″ x 90″ / 132cm x 228cm 28″ x 60″ to 40″ x 72″
70cm x 152cm to 102cm x 183cm
6 Persons

52″ / 132cm diameter

28″ to 40″ in diameter
70cm to 102cm
2-4 Persons
Additional information

Additional information


Round 132cm/52in diameter, Square 132cm/52in, Oblong 132cm x 178cm / 52in x 70in, Oblong L 132cm x 228cm / 52in x 90in

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